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Ancient Owl

Made-to-order Natural and organic Skin Care Products

Ancient Owl Naturals Website Design & Branding - Homepage Mobile Preview - By Twenty Seven Hats


Ancient Owl came to life in January 2017 selling natural bath and beauty products to the public. They pride themselves on made to order, natural and organic remedies that work wonders for your skin. 

This project was completed with the client by our side every step of the way. We were fully responsible for communicating their creative vision for the brand and worked together to organize the website and catalog of items they offer. The brand  direction played off of their natural/organic product. The logo was derived from  a sketch from the owners of Ancient Owl. 

As a result, the company has seen consistent sales growth despite having little involvement on Social Media. Unlike most companies, Ancient Owl has opted not to bombard you with posts and pointless posts all day long. They're creating a loyal following as a result, and it's been quite interesting to spectate. 

Using the natural ingredients in the various products, we planned our photography shoot to include the raw ingredients that are infused into each flavor/scent. While working on this project, we educated our customer how to do product photography, and the importance of good, insightful content to keep those customers coming back.

- Branding and Logo Design
- Marketing Collateral Design

Product & Packaging
o Design and Production File Preparation for Product Labels
o Consulted Corrugated Packaging Solutions
o Influence & Ideation for Product Offerings
(Coffee Scrub Ingredient Packaging, and End-Use that inspired Fckn Bliss Butter)

• Web Design
o Creative Direction & Design for
o Shopify Platform Consultation
o Social Media Strategy Consultations

Design | Identity | Experience


Design | Management | Social


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