About Us


Previously known as Jellyspine Design, Twenty Seven Hats is an independently owned creative consultancy from Salt Lake City, Utah. We design and develop creative solutions for brands, companies, agencies, products, franchises, and startups. We primarily focus in the areas of Marketing & Social Media, Web & App Design, Packaging Design, Branding, and Business Dashboards that keep business flowing.

As a multidisciplinary design office, our focus is on improving your brand value through compelling digital and physical experiences. We are your ideal contact for all things design, a one stop shop. In addition to design work, we offer comprehensive outsourced production and printing of all advertising materials or packaging. Our work is adapted to companies of all sizes with each one unique in their respective market. We work in close cooperation with you to define the individual needs and help you align creative goals with business goals.

After an initial creative consultation, we evaluate the technical requirements and then provide theoretical concepts and strategy. Involvement of our client in our process increases the quality of results while providing a more transparent overview for peace of mind. 

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