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Wasatch Container

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Our first and longest term client - we have been doing creative services for Wasatch Container for the last 5 years. From 3D packaging design, to digital content marketing and even pre-press work. This is a relationship that just gets better and better. 

The goal was to display a more professional, yet inviting website that is up to date with current trends in design and usability. The UI is rather thumb friendly, allowing the user to navigate the site effectively. Between the Search Engine Optimization, and the latest front end design, the website has contributed to more sales leads than ever before. 

As for the re-branding, we went for something big, bold, and blue. My inspiration? Facebook. The various shades of blue do well to present a familiar feeling while providing a comfortable visual hierarchy. As for the typography - we wanted to pick something that worked well with today's technology that could be easily used across platforms. - We decided on the bold characteristics of Montserrat. 

As a result of the branding efforts this year, the website maintains an extremely low bounce rate and a fair conversion rate from traffic. Social efforts have just begun and have seen a good response in the market. 

At the request of the client, we have also taken steps toward more traditional marketing such as Vehicle Graphics and Publications within certain Manufacturing Magazines. 


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