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Boxology101 was created as a concept to perfectly compliment the services offered at Wasatch Container. This website allows the user to download an on demand template, design their art and order digitally printed boxes online. In theory, it would increase the speed to market by skipping or improving manual processes. 

Our latest, and largest ecommerce website to date. Boxology101 was a conceptual project for Wasatch Container. It was created to compliment the services offered at Wasatch Container, allowing users to order custom printed boxes online in a matter of minutes. The branding was intended to be loud and inviting, hinting at a consumer aspect of the site, so not to only cater to businesses but individuals too. 

Jellyspine design was fully responsible for the design of the User flow Process, the Website itself, the branding & logo, all of the product photography, 3D design and soon to be digital marketing. Like many other projects, the look of this portrays our often celebrated way of approaching things differently and getting results.  

After analyzing the market, we wanted to provide a faster experience obtaining a box template. is stocked with the most common sized boxes, simply find your size and download your template. After placing art on your box, you'll return to your box page to upload and order your boxes. A proof is sent within a 24 hours, and your boxes will be printed and sent within 2 weeks. 



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